Clementina Suárez

Clementina Suárez was born on May 12, 1902 in Juticalpa (Honduras) and died in 1991. She is one of the most indispensable Honduran poetesses of the avant-garde poetry of this country, although she has not managed to become so famous, probably because we already know that poetry It is not a multitudinous hobby.

In Honduras he received the nickname of the “New Woman” for his bohemian way of understanding life, making great friendships with men, wearing shorts and living in an independent way; This caused many to criticize her but she did not allow herself to be influenced, she continued doing what she loved and became the first woman to publish a book in Honduras.

Some of his works are:

  • 1930: Corazón Sángrante
  • 1931: Los templos de Fuego
  • 1931: De mis sábados el último
  • 1935: Engranajes poemitas en prosa y en verso
  • 1937: Veleros
  • 1957: Creciendo con la hierba
  • 1969: Canto a la encontrada patria y sus héroes
  • 1969: El poeta y sus señales
  • 1994: De las desilusiones a la esperanza

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